Thursday, March 18, 2004

GMPY Project goals and strategies"
The General Multiprecision PYthon project (GMPY) focuses on Python-usable modules providing multiprecision arithmetic functionality to Python programmers. The project mission includes both C and C++ Python-modules (for speed) and pure Python modules (for flexibility and convenience); it potentially includes integral, rational and floating-point arithmetic in any base. Only cross-platform functionality is of interest, at least for now.

As there are many good existing free C and C++ libraries that address these issues, it is expected that most of the work of the GMPY project will involve wrapping, and exposing to Python, exactly these existing libraries (possibly with additional "convenience" wrappers written in Python itself). For starters, we've focused on the popular (and excellent) GNU Multiple Precision library, GMP, exposing its functionality through module gmpy. "