Tuesday, April 06, 2004


console # A console interface for Windows
effbot # This effbot.exe installer includes the effbot.exe application platform, and the EffNews RSS news reader. Additional utilities and experimental updates are shipped separately, as .effbot kits.
elementsoap # The experimental ElementSOAP toolkit contains classes to build simple SOAP 1.1 clients. The toolkit includes a client for the Google Web API. Requires the ElementTree library (1.2a5 or later).
elementtree # The ElementTree toolkit contains a number of light-weight components for working with XML, including the Element and ElementTree types, XML parsers and writers, etc
ftpparse #
grabscreen #
Imaging # This is the PIL source distribution.
pythondoc #A JavaDoc-like documentation tool for Python. Requires the ElementTree library.
sgmlop # A fast XML/SGML/HTML parser/tokenizer.

and a few more...