Wednesday, June 30, 2004

Docutils: Documentation Utilities: "ZReST, by Richard Jones, is a 'ReStructuredText Document for Zope' application that is complete and ready to install.
PySource, by Tony Ibbs, is an experimental Python source Reader. In some form, it will soon become part of core Docutils. There is some related code in David Goodger's sandbox (pysource_reader) and a Python Source Reader document.
Docutils interface to PythonPoint, also by Richard Jones, produces PDF presentations using ReportLabs.
Engelbert Gruber has begun LaTeX Writer and ManPage Writer components.
? has taken over ReportLabs/PDF Writer components.
Oliver Rutherfurd has begun a DocBook Writer component and HT2HTML integration component.
Gunnar Schwant's DocFactory is a wxPython GUI application for Docutils.
Aahz has begun an Writer.
Ian Bicking is working on code for a Wiki.
Bill Bumgarner has written a simple HTML writer that doesn't rely on CSS (stylesheets).
Beni Cherniavsky has written a generic preprocessing module for roles and/or directives and built preprocessors for TeX math for both LaTeX and HTML output on top of it.
Beni Cherniavsky maintains a Makefile for driving Docutils, hoping to handle everything one might do with docutils. "