Monday, August 02, 2004

Infogreater - Trac

Infogreater - Trac: "Infogreater is pseudo-mindmapping software. Basically, it is a tree of simple, collapsible text nodes that is easily modifiable so you can quickly arrange relationships between nodes. It is commonly used for things like task and knowledge management. However, Infogreater's as yet unrealized reason for existence is to have nodes that can do more than just contain simple text; eventually Infogreater will be able to interact with your file system, your bug tracker, your source code, your RSS feeds, and your toaster. It does not yet come with a sandwich. "

Infogreater is mostly influenced by FreeMind, a Java application. Infogreater requires Twisted, Zope Interface, PyGTK2, and Python2.3, most of which are more or less easy to install on a Debian system. This is, indeed, a large set of non-standard dependencies. If anyone is willing to make packages that make Infogreater easier to install, help will certainly be appreciated. A Windows package including all dependencies is currently in development and will be released soon.