Thursday, December 09, 2004

FBPWiki: FlowBasedProgramming

FBPWiki: FlowBasedProgramming: "Flow-Based Programming is an approach to developing applications, not in terms of the old von Neumann paradigm, but based on the concept of multiple asynchronous processes communicating by means of streams of data InformationPackets. An application is viewed as a system of data streams being transformed by processes, rather than a single 'dumb' actor doing one step after another until all the data is processed. This requires a paradigm shift which profoundly changes the way the developer has to look at applications, and, although this concept is similar to concepts current in the area of distributed and parallel systems, up until now it has not been recognized that it is also an extremely productive approach to improving programmer productivity and application maintainability. The power and ease of application development and maintenance using FBP is an EmergentProperty of the attributes that make up FBP."