Thursday, January 20, 2005 : Free Trac/SVN hosting : Free Trac/SVN hosting: " is happy to offer free Trac/Subversion hosting for open source, python projects.

To see an example of a project we host, have a look at

To see the features and limitations of the offer, have a look at our FAQ

To sign-up, please send an e-mail to freetrac at python dash hosting dot com with the following informations:

  • Subject of the e-mail: 'Request for a free trac/svn account'
  • Your full name and e-mail address
  • The name of your project (ex: CherryTemplate)
  • A 'lowercase, numbers-digits-and-underscore-only' version of your project name (ex: cherrytemplate). This will be used for the URL of your Trac site (ex:
  • The license of your project (ex: GPL)
  • A description of your project"