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Aethera is a new cutting edge communications and personal data management software written with Qt and deployed for Linux, Windows and Macintosh. By PIM we mean Personal Information Manager, by PDR we mean Personal Data Repository, the rest should be obvious.

Aethera supports all the standard messaging protocols such as POP and IMAP with full synchronization capability as well as support for multiple identities. All the features you would expect to find in an industrial strength email system are part of Aethera. In addition there is a personal calendar and schedule, as well as 'sticky' notes, 'To Do' lists, an address book, groupware compatibility via Kolab, and optional plug ins the extend the idea of collaboration beyond the bounds of typical groupware with instant messaging, whiteboarding and voice over IP (VoIP). The combination of Aethera with Kolab provides you with a very powerful combination that can realistically replace Outlook/Exchange and in some cases Lotus Notes, for only the price of the hardware to install it on. There are no per server costs or per user costs unless you want the optional plug ins, which are all priced at trivial amounts. Since Aethera runs on virtually any operating system you are likely to use, it doesn't require that you make any changes on the desktop."