Friday, May 20, 2005

JGraph Applications Screenshots

JGraph Applications Screenshots: "YAWLEditor is a workflow editor that allows users to draw workflow definitions for YAWL (Yet Another Workflow Language). YAWL is an ongoing research project principally driven by the Queensland University of Technology, in collaboration with Eindhoven University of Technology. One of the key aims of this project is to synthesize patterns from existing workflow systems and offer a language capable of expressing those patterns. This first version of the editor supports the control-flow perspective of workflow systems. Users can save and load diagrams natively and also export them to executable specifications in the YAWL engine. There are rich syntactic requirements for expressing valid YAWL diagrams, and JGraph has performed admirably in enforcing those requirements in an intuitive, user-friendly manner.
Submitted by Lindsay Bradford, Queensland University of Technology, Brisbane, Australia"