Friday, June 10, 2005

What is FreeTDS?

What is FreeTDS?: "FreeTDS is an open source (or free software if you prefer) programming library, a re-implementation of the Tabular Data Stream protocol. It can be used in place of Sybase's db-lib or ct-lib libraries. It also includes an ODBC library. It allows many open source applications such as Perl and PHP (or your own C or C program) to connect to Sybase or Microsoft SQL Server.

FreeTDS is distributed in source code form, and is expected to compile on just about any operating system. That means every form of Unix� and Unix-like™ system (including notable variants such as Interix� and QNX�), as well as Win32�, VMS�, and OS X�. If it doesn't compile on your system — and you're not using MS-DOS� — it's probably considered a bug."