Sunday, August 28, 2005

Wounded moon: a nice collection

This here is a nice collection of hard to find files.. .
Some hints:

Boot Log Analyzer v1.23
240,590 bytes - Boot log analyzer

Clip Cache v1.41
815,242 bytes - Windows clipboard utility

123 Password Recovery v3.01
174,140 bytes - Password Recovery Program Shows what's "under the ***"

CPU Idle v3.01
209,091 bytes - Reduce load on CPU while idle

ctspd v0.9.2
774,284 bytes - This is a great utility to identify ram speed and the manufacturer.

Drive Rescue v1.9d
1,007,746 bytes - Very nice disk rescue / find deleted files and directories program.

1,411,436 bytes - WebProxy to change pages and headers on the fly Like, delete those ad's even adblock can't kill

Turbo Navigator (1.46 and 1.47)
974,938 bytes - Norton Commander style file/directory navigator This is my favourite filemanager for windows. Though F does a good job - i simply don't like F's shortcuts (but argh! it surely has a load of features!)

But there is more! :) Check the Priceless List for sure! It's great!

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