Monday, June 13, 2005

Trac Searches

Realy quick searching a trac site:

  1. open the trac site (say,

  2. search for SEARCH and copy the url (say ) from your location bar.

  3. create a new FireFox bookmark and enter:
    • Name: CherryPy (or what you would prefer for your trac site)

    • Location: paste the location, and replace SEARCH with %s

    • keyword: enter a magic one word keyword here, you will be using this for the search, let's say i'll use cp here. (that's one word: "cp")

    • descrption: you could enter any details, but i think it's obvious :)

  4. Now, open a new tab, and enter the magic keyword, a space, and then your search query (without the quotes of course): "cp installation" or "cp irc", but more practical: "cp FileUplod", "cp CherryPyApi" (direct wikipage access) or whatabout direct access to all tickets by milestone: "cp {3}" (report access) but probabely more usefull while developing: "cp #102" for direct ticket acces...